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Crafting immersive worlds, from Northern Norway

Nestled in Northern Norway, Nitro3D Studios works at the intersection of realism and creativity to bring your projects to life. We’re a fast-growing, dynamic team of artists with years of experience producing beautiful, 3D Visualizations to delight audiences on big and small screens around the world. 

How We Work

When you choose Nitro3D Studios, you’re choosing a partnership. Few things satisfy us more than great designs and a job well done, so we’ll collaborate with you from Day 1 to ensure you’re receiving the best product on budget and on time, every time.


Our Process

  1. Concept and Development This is the stage where we brainstorm concepts with you and develop them into a cohesive story.

  2. Storyboarding Storyboards are a series of drawings that illustrate the key moments and actions in the story.

  3. Design / Animatic This is a rough version of the final animation. This helps you get a sense of the timing and pacing of the final animation and the look and feel. 

  4. Animation / Execution This is the stage where the actual animation or video filming is done. The 3D animation is typically created in stages, with a review process.

  5. Post-Production The final project is edited and polished in post-production. This involves adding final touches like color correction, visual effects, and final sound mixing.

  6. Delivery This is when you receive your final project to distribute as you wish.

Our Services

3D assets & animations

Video Editing

Drone Footage

3D Scanning & Printing

And More

Still don't see what you need?

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3D Animation
Video / Drone Fooage
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